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Wichita Falls, TX High School 1932 Football Team

Submitted by old yearbooks on September 25, 2009 - 2:50am


Wichita Falls, TX High School 1932 Football Team


In the photograph: Coach W. J. Morris, Burns McKinney, Charles Rice, J. L. Creecy, R. D. Foster, Ed Greenwood - captain, Coach Ted Jefferies, Robert Brandon, Robert Decker, Philip Allen, F. Heath, Williams, Coach Charles Lindsey, Farris Johnson, W. J. Hawthorne, James Hill, Jasper McBride, Vernon McDaniel, H. Hill, Byrd, Charles Hurd, W. D. Tollett, Rogers, Robinson, Stevenson, Lee Roy McBride, Cleo Creecy, Weldon Beck, J. Z. Powell, A. G. Fletcher, Durkin - manager, Cleveland Pierson, Jack Randolph, Willard Smith, Dimock, Lundien, Norwood

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